Beware of Breast Cancer Symptoms, Do 4 Things

Breast cancer is often difficult to detect, because in the initial stages it is usually small. This disease is often characterized by the appearance of a lump in one or both breasts. Even so, not all lumps that appear in this section must be cancerous. So, the examination is needed to determine and determine the cause of the lump.

This disease occurs due to the formation of cancer cells in breast tissue. The cells in the breast are formed and grow abnormally, even uncontrolled then form tumors that feel, like a lump. Cancer can form in the glands that produce milk, aka lobules or in the ducts that carry milk from the glands to the nipples. It is possible that cancer can also form in fatty tissue or connective tissue in the breast.

Photo by Bruno Salvadori from Pexels
Photo by Bruno Salvadori from Pexels

Things to Do when Finding Symptoms of Breast Cancer

Although commonly found in women, breast cancer can also affect men. Knowing the early symptoms of this disease is very important. Therefore, breast cancer that is quickly detected has a higher chance of total recovery. Breast cancer that has been treated since the early stages may no longer need masectomy or chemotherapy.

Unfortunately, the symptoms of this disease are often unknown, even not visible at an early stage. Even so, it is very important to know what are the early signs of breast cancer. Symptoms of breast cancer can vary, including lumps in the breast, changes in shape and size of the breast, flushed breast skin, bleeding from the nipple, until the nipple is pulled inward. Lumps of breast cancer can also appear under the armpits or around the breast.

Even so, not all lumps and symptoms that appear in the breast are a sign of cancer. There are several ways that need to be done if you feel you have signs that resemble this disease, including:

  1. Be aware
    Breast self-examination alias BSE is one way that can be done to detect breast cancer. By routinely doing this method, you will recognize your own breasts and can easily detect abnormalities that arise. When you find odd breasts, you can immediately do a doctor’s examination to find out the cause. BSE should be done routinely every month.
    In addition to BSE, there is also SADANIS aka clinical breast examination that can be done to detect symptoms of breast cancer. This examination is carried out by a medical officer at a health facility. This method of examination will usually be more accurate and help find abnormalities in the breast.
  3. Exercise Routine
    People who have risk factors or symptoms of breast cancer are encouraged to exercise regularly. Because physical activity can help maintain a healthier body. In addition, this is also important to help maintain ideal body weight. Maintaining an ideal body weight is important to avoid this attacking disease.
  4. Avoid Alcohol
    Consumption of alcoholic beverages will in fact not only interfere with the performance of the liver. The habit of consuming alcohol can trigger health problems in the body as a whole, including triggering breast cancer. Therefore, it is very important to reduce or avoid alcohol consumption to be more healthy.