This is the Difference of Malignant or Not Breast Tumor

Breast cancer is the most feared disease for all women in the world besides cervical cancer. Not without reason, this disease accounts for the highest mortality rate in the world. This is why it is important for women to carry out early self-examinations independently.

Generally, there are two types of tumors in the breast, namely malignant breast tumors and benign breast tumors. The two are certainly not the same, because one is ferocious while the other is not. However, not many people know the location of the differences, so there is often a misinformation which makes the diagnosis less accurate. Then, what’s the difference between malignant and benign breast tumors?

Photo by Renato Abati from Pexels

Difference Between Malignant Breast Tumors and Benign Breast Tumors

The most basic difference between malignant and benign tumors is their development. Generally, tumors that are malignant develop into cancer cells, while tumors that are benign are not cancerous and can heal on their own, although in some cases still require special medical treatment.

Not only do breast self-examination, you can do breast examination with the help of a health professional. Screening is done to get a more accurate diagnosis and examination results. You can make an appointment with a doctor to get a breast examination recommendation at the hospital. Early detection certainly reduces the negative effects that may occur.

Then, what else is the difference between a malignant breast tumor and a benign breast tumor? The following are:

  1. Pain. When you find a lump in the breast, you can feel it, whether the lump will hurt or not. If it is malignant, usually the lump does not hurt when touched. While benign tumors hurt when the lump is held.
  2. Fast or slow growth. If the tumor is benign, its growth and size are relatively the same. These lumps can disappear when menstruation is over and may appear again in the next menstrual period. However, malignant breast tumors experience rapid growth and appear prominent in the breast.
  3. Attachment and Movement. Then, the difference between malignant breast tumors and benign breast tumors can be detected from their attachment and movement. Benign tumors can move freely to the right and left because they are not attached to the tissue or other bones around. While malignant tumors tend to stick and can not move freely.
  4. Boundary boundary. When you feel and emphasize, benign breast tumors will have clear boundaries. In contrast to malignant tumors that do not have clear borders. The surface is usually uneven.
  5. Changes in tissue and skin structure in the area around the tumor. If you have a malignant breast tumor, changes in skin tissue and structure will be more easily recognized. Usually, the nipples are also pulled in because of the formation of scar tissue on the inside of the breast.

Now, that was some of the signs that can be recognized from benign breast tumors and malignant breast tumors. Do not delay to do the inspection, yes. It’s better to prevent than to treat. Always make a habit of living a healthy life with regular exercise and maintain daily food intake, yes!