4 Signs of Cancer in Women

Cancer is a disease that is feared both by the medical world and ordinary people. For this reason, the most appropriate resistance now is to detect early and find cancer at the earliest stage. For this reason, there are some signs that every woman needs to be aware of so that she can be examined immediately.

Photo by juan mendez from Pexels
Photo by juan mendez from Pexels

Changes in Breasts

Signs that need to be considered are lumps, dimples in the breast, breast nipple that is pulled in, the presence of fluid from the nipple, and redness or scales on the breast or breast nipple. All of these signs need to be examined further by mammography or tissue examination to determine whether there is breast cancer or not.

Bloating and Heat in the Chest

Feeling bloated and hot in the chest can be a sign of ovarian cancer (ovary). If the bloating and heat in the chest can be normal symptoms and signs, but if it does not disappear then it needs to be examined further by ultrasound examination or pelvic cavity examination.

Unusual Vaginal Bleeding

The existence of vaginal bleeding outside the normal menstrual cycle a woman needs special attention because it can be a sign of uterine cancer. Bleeding after sexual intercourse can be a sign of cervical cancer (cervix). In addition, bleeding after menopause should also get special attention.

Weight loss

All women happily welcome weight loss. However, if there is weight loss when someone is not on a diet or exercise, this needs to be a concern. Unexplained weight loss can be caused by stress, thyroid disease, or other cancers.

In addition to the 4 symptoms above, several other symptoms such as excessive fatigue and pain that can not be explained. To anticipate suspicious signs and symptoms, it is highly recommended to conduct a routine medical check-up (pling) not 1 time in 1 year. Let’s care about our health, if not ourselves who cares about our health, who else?